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Create Excitement, Spark Curiosity, and Engage Residents with Innovative Lifelong Learning Programs

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Lifelong Learning classes that are so easy to use

What is included in an ALLE Learning™ membership?

  • 12 month calendar with monthly themes
  • Each month you receive three lifelong learning classes that align with that month’s theme
  • Each class includes:  Lesson Plan, PowerPoint Slide Deck, Speaker Notes, & Questions for Discussion
  • A single class can be used for all residents: independent living, assisted living, and memory care AND it can be used an unlimited number of times
  • Blog articles that can be used to educate your residents about the importance of lifelong learning
  • Web based education & training for staff & volunteers is included
  • How-to Videos & Podcasts for staff & volunteers are included

“This may be one of the best programs we have ever implemented - lifelong learning classes presented on-site by existing life enrichment staff that are affordable, creating a sustainable program for all of our residents." CLICK HERE to read the full testimonial.

Cole Marvin

Executive Director, Friendship Village of Tempe

Monthly Subscription

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Innovations in Programming for
Senior Adult Communities

Everything You Need for A Lifelong Learning Program

Three easy steps: Download, Preview & Present

Class Samples for a Month

Late Bloomers

Late bloomers are special. We all have our own individual timing and just like flowers, we bloom in different seasons.

Nature's Artists

There is a very unique type of artist who draws their inspiration from the great outdoors and in turn makes nature a very popular theme in art, and for good reason.

Seven Wonders Of The Natural World

Are there really only seven natural wonders of the world? Various lists of the ‘wonders of the world’ have been compiled from antiquity to the present day.